Kitten's Writing Guild Ring

The Guild was created for writers of original fiction, poetry, fanfiction and any other type of writing site you wanna submit (except sex and porn stuff). The genre doesn't matter to me... although you get extra cool points for sci fi and fantasy stuff. :)

Sites within the Ring are eligible to win an award for best site. You can nominate the site you like the best here.

This Ring was originally The Moon Kitten's Writing Guild Ring found at before I moved everything here and changed my alias (The Moon Kitten) to my pen name (Kat Skye)... :)

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Step One
(The reading of the "guild-lines")

  1. Writing Sites ONLY. (Poetry, story archives, about an author, any genre).
  2. The Content must be original (if it's fanfiction the story has to be original to go along with the already created characters)... In other words, don't plagerize (did I spell that right??)
  3. If there is much and more profanity... PLEASE put some kind of warning label on it! There are children surfing the web too...
  4. Absolutely NO PORNOGRAPHY!!
  5. The Ring code must be somewhere within your site before I can add you to the ring (preferably on either a webrings page or on the page you submit to the Guild). In the past I have not been strict. However, since I am now offering awards for best site, the code must be on your site in an accessible place! If your rings are on a separate page I require a link to that page from the page you submit (EX: you submit the address-- and your webrings are located on, then the my_webrings.html must be linked on default.htm). See my first page as an example.
  6. Also in the past I allowed sites just to post a link to this page. This is no longer the case. I do have a simple code without the graphics here. Just copy & paste it to your site.
  7. Please don't submit a site filled with construction signs... If it is under construction one sign will suffice (although they are fun to put up :)
  8. Do not submit just a links page or a webrings page (in other words submit your HOMEpage).
  9. Be sure to join the mailing list. It was created to inform you of new additions to the site, who gets the award, and any new changes that occur (such as new codes or rules).

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Step Two
(The submitting of the site)

Submit your site here... THE SUBMIT PAGE... :)

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Step Three
(The adding of the Ring Code)

Please add the web ring code to your site. It must go on an excessible page. Your placement of the code will help determine if you get an award. (you should get a customized one in your email...)

Enter Your Site ID #:
Site ID#:

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Email me if you have troubles.... It's really pretty simple... but if you have too much trouble I will fix it just right for you... :)

Step Four
(The emailings to Kitten)

Email me and let me know you submitted your site. I try to be prompt when adding you to the ring. However I won't until you have emailed me and told me where you placed your code and if it's accessable from your homepage.

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