Kitten's Writing Guild Ring

Nominate your Favorite Site in my Guild Ring! (Please note that sites still in the queue are not eligible to receive the award)

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Second Choice

You may nominate any site in the Ring. However if the site does not conform to the following Criteria, it will not be eligible for an award...

  1. Fast Loading (I've got a slow computer)
  2. Easy navigation (I don't want to have to use the back button)
  3. Original Stories (this doesn't apply to Archive sites)
  4. At least 85% of the graphics have to be original
  5. No broken links
  6. Web Ring Code is either on the main page or on a webrings page with a link from the main page
  7. Family Oriented (no excessive violence, sex, swearing)
  8. 100% Original Content (Archives sites: all content other than stories in site must be original)